War Bottle, Destruction

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This is a seriously dark Black Magick Spell to make people leave you alone. It is a Black Magick spell as it will be used cause to harm.
War Water is used for an offensive strike against your enemy. If you have offensive neighbors or someone is causing you distress or trouble, someone invading your space, rapists, etc.

How does it work?

I will perform the spell for you within 3-5 days of you purchasing this listing. You may tell me any details that you feel are important and I will gladly incorporate them into the working. I try to use my time wisely and am very diligent because I care about your situation.

Will I receive something from you?

That depends on you. If you would like me to send the completed spell bottle to you I will. I don't advise this at all. This water is FOUL and the tiniest drop will make things backfire on you. When you get it you must bury it into the earth. You do not want to keep it in your house too long. Evil and vile bottles such as this have been known to explode with movement. I will gladly bury it for you, if you so wish. Please message me your decision. If you choose for me to bury it, I will use your shipping charge to discard the remains of your spell.

Each jar will look different.

All results vary according to Karma.

No one under age should be purchasing from me. I will assume all sales will be to those over 18 years of age. I take no responsibility for your knowledge. 

I am not responsible for any mail that is confiscated by overseas officials. Once the package leaves the Untied States it is totally out of my control. Thank you for your understanding.