The Break Up Spell

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This spell is customized and written to fit your specific needs. No two persons are the same and there is never an easy, one-size-fit-all solution for them. Break up spells need to be designed especially for you.


The names of the couple you are targeting.

Their birthdays (if you can find them)

The city they live in

Photos of them (if you have them)


I will use any and all info you can provide to get the fastest and best results possible. Please provide the info you have quickly so I can begin work for you as soon as possible.

Keep in mind:

Some spells work quickly and cleanly but others may take more time. If there are blockages it will take longer for the spell to get through. Give the spell the time it needs to work. Just because you don't see instant results does not mean the spell isn't working. Be patient.


I do not in any way take any responsibility if the outcome is one that you do not like. All spells work within the laws of Karma. I do not give refunds for any spells. I know they work, you may have to be patient and wait on the universe to hear you.