Marriage Spell, Matrimony, White Wedding

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This is a Marriage Spell that draws the other person into wanting to get married. This will in no way make your partner "crazy" or obsessive. It gently pushes them toward a permanent commitment. All genders are welcome.

This spell takes two days to do and being patient is key to do this work and also allowing this spell to work for you. It will in no way manifest overnight. There is also a thing called free will and if your partner is dead set against marriage, I suggest you don't even bother with this spell. It will never work and I don't work with persons who want to take away someone's free will.

This is not to be taken lightly. I will only do this work for you ONE TIME in your life because I don't condone people getting married at the drop of a hat. Make sure this is the person you want to spend the rest of your entire life with. If this isn't the absolute right person, MOVE ON. Give yourself a reality check before buying this working.

If you can say YES, I have decided this is the person for me and YES, the other person isn't against marriage, then we can get on with business!

At the end of this spell there will be spell remains. You can choose to bury them yourself, or if you prefer, I can take care of them for you. I will use your shipping charges for the proper disposal of your spell remains.

All results vary according to Karma.

Do not eat.

No one under age should be purchasing from me. I will assume all sales will be to those over 18 years of age. I take no responsibility for your knowledge.

I am not responsible for any mail that is confiscated by overseas officials. Once the package leaves the Untied States it is totally out of my control. Thank you for your understanding.