Candle Spell

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This listing includes ONE candle. Candles are dressed with my proprietary blend of herbs and oils to increase their power. I will use chants and incantations I have written to send your intention out to the universe to become reality.

Once your candle has finished burning, I will message your result through messenger.

You will receive through messages:
2 or more photos of your candle
Report on how your candle burned and what that means for your intention
Information on any signs or images in your wax
Any intuitive messages that come through regarding your situation
One Tarot card will be pulled on your situation with a short intuitive meaning.

I will personally prepare your candle and flame to make sure that you have the best burn for the best possible outcome. The better the burn, the better the result.

$100* per candle for a solid color no jar

ALL RESULTS WILL VARY and some situations may require more than one candle. Spell work may need to be done prior to your desired intention to remove blocks, or more work may need to be done depending on how your first candle burned.

AFTER YOU PURCHASE YOUR CANDLE/S, please go to the "Messages” and send me the name you go by most, birth date and a description of what outcome you are seeking.

It may take extra time if I have to make or purchase the candle for your working. I will make sure you are kept up to date on anything that needs to be done for your burning. I will also let you know when your burning has begun.

No one under age should be purchasing from me. I will assume all sales will be to those over 18 years of age. I take no responsibility for your knowledge.