Attraction Spell

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A white magick spell that I will perform for you when you only want to attract a person's attention. Sometimes a full-on love spell is way too much. It could be better for you to take a slower approach just to test the waters as friends first.

This is a white magick spell and does not interfere with free will. It is only used to attract others who want to be friends in the beginning, but may be open to a deeper relationship in the future.

There are two options to choose, one where you receive a jar of the remains of the spell and one where you do not. I will use your shipping charge to properly discard your spell if you don't wish to receive the jarred spell remains.

All results vary according to Karma.

Do not eat.

No one under age should be purchasing from me. I will assume all sales will be to those over 18 years of age. I take no responsibility for your knowledge.

Disclaimer: I am very serious about my work, but policy states this listing must be sold as a novelty.

I am not responsible for any mail that is confiscated by overseas officials. Once the package leaves my studio and the Untied States it is totally out of my control. Thank you for your understanding.