A Tip Of Gratitude, Tips For Your Worker

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A spiritual worker,spell worker, root worker, witch, conjurer is a worker that is providing a service to you the same as a hairdresser, waiter or housekeeper. 

A number of my clients have asked for me to provide them a way to offer tips for some of the workings I have done for them. Showing gratitude is a great way to bring good fortune into you life. Spirits see this as a sacrifice, but also see it as giving thanks.

Each gift I receive is accepted humby and is honored in my daily devotions.

The tips I receive go straight into buying new plants, herbs, honey, tools, crystals. Items that will only make my workings stronger for you and others.

This is a gift from you to me.

No exchanges or refund, this is a gift from you to me. Purchase as many as you want to make the amount you wish to gift.